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We Are Yonder.

The Yonder Story.

Yonder has excelled in delivering branding, environment, and interactive work for colleges, universities, museums, and historical sites all over the country.

Over the past eight years Yonder has had the opportunity to become a leader in creating effective “Sustainable Energy Behavior Change” programs. In fact, those referenced here were among the first for a university, college, and municipality.

Yonder was responsible for the design, code, branding and all content presented for each program, including photography, videos and animation. Each project we undertake is designed and executed to achieve a vision mutually shared with the client.

What We Do.

We are full experience providers, from concept creation to completion, collaborate with Yonder and push your ideas forward.

Web Services

  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience/User Interface
  • jQuery/JSON
  • API Integration
  • Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal Websites
  • Ecommerce & WooCommerce
  • Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks
  • Xcode, C, C#, .Net, PHP, mySQL, SQL
  • Email Design and Deployment

Augmented Reality & Mobile Technologies

  • Web-based Augmented Reality
  • App-based Augmented Reality
  • Native iOS Apps
  • Native Android Apps
  • Beacon Technology
  • Google Maps, GPS, Geolocation, and,GeoFencing
  • Storyboarding & Wireframing

Sustainability Technologies

  • Sub-Metering Programming
  • Front End Energy Dashboards
  • Experience interfacing with many proprietary metering systems; Siemens, Johnson Controls, & Trane

Video Services

  • Full Video Production Services
  • Location & Event Recording
  • Programming
  • Scripting & Copywriting
  • Drone Technology

Traditional Media

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • Sponsorship

Experiential Design

  • Museum Experiential & Exhibition Design
  • Visitor Center & Exhibit Masterplans
  • Touchscreen Interactives
  • Tradeshow Design & Installation
  • Wayfinding (Traditional & Digital)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Signage Solutions (Traditional & Digital)
  • Desktop & Adobe AIR Applications

Reach Yonder.

Where is Yonder?

343 Waller Ave
Suite. 100
Lexington, KY 40208 P: 859.539.5313

info@goyonder.com 859.539.5313

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